2.5mm LVT

Sq Meter


The 2.5mm LVT from Belgotex is available in 4 collections i.e Fortitude, Slab, Morphic &Terrazzi. Each of these collections cater to unique design sensibilities.

Fortitude -2.5mm
Inspired by great Africa Queens, these four powerful designs share an old-world eloquence boasting timeless appeal. The parquet look has been trending internationally for centuries, and the myriad rich patterns will always be the stylish choice. Fit for royalty, they're now ready to rule your great rooms.

Marble is rock that has undergone transformation by heat or pressure, and taking inspiration from this metamorphosis we created a luxury vinyl tile that's able to elevate any room. Transform your space into a testament to good taste using these four stunning designs, each of which bear the unique and rich diversity of marble.

Slab -2.5mm
Unapologetic in its authenticity, this modern and formidable collection comprising three colours has been created for creators to build their dream décor schemes on, from the ground up. Like concrete - the most commonly used construction material due to its reiability - this range speaks strength, permanence and trust.

Terrazzi -2.5mm
Derived from 18th century Venetian pavements where marble, quartz, granite or glass was bonded in cement and then polished - technological advances in vinyl flooring has made it possible for this collection of four ultra-realistic colours to exploit the depth, nuance and unique beauty of traditional Terrazzo.






Plank or Tile Size(lxw)

1516.9mm x 228.6mm (Plank)

1000mmx 500mm(Plank)

500mmx 500mm (Tile)

500mmx 500mm (Tile)

Quantity Per Box





Number of Planks

10 planks per box

8 planks perbox

16 planks per box

16 planks per box

Type of Installation:

Dry Back (Stick Down)


Heavy Commercial

Wear Layer Thickness:


Chemical Resistance:

YES (EN 26987)

Fire Index:

Bfl-s1 (EN13501)

Slip Resistance:

DS-R10 (DIN 51130)

Residual Indentation:

< 0.1mm (EN 24343)

Thermal Conductivity:

0.091 W/m*K (EN 12664:2001)

Electrostatic Behaviour:

0.1 kV (EN 1815)

Dimensional Stability:

≤0.25% (EN 23999)

Colour Fastness:

m > 6 Grade (ISO 105-B02)

Sound Absorption:

Approx. 3dB (EN 10140)

Castor Chair:

Yes, Type W (EN 4918)(Use soft non-staining wheels)


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Fortitude Colours

Fortitude Colours

Morphic Colours

Morphic Colours

Slab Colours

Slab Coloursr

Terrazzi Colours

Terrazzi Colours


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