Hand Tufted Carpets

A hand-tufted carpet flooring is quicker to make contrasted with other handwoven carpets, making it a more reasonable choice. Greenhawk provides its hand tufted carpet flooring from Ambadi Brand which has all the character and warmth and toughness that comes from human hands uniting filaments and complex designs showcasing royalty.

A hand-tufted carpet begins its excursion as a material extended on an edge, a tufting instrument is utilized to punch strands of yarn into the material with the shape and pattern followed on it. A tufting device is utilized to punch fleece or yarn through that pattern. When the rug design has been rejuvenated, a limiting is stuck to the rear of the strands to invigorate them.

The cycle isn't as serious or tedious as that of a hand-tied rug and takes moderately less expertise. The least demanding approach to distinguishing hand tufted carpets is by searching for the scrim backing on the converse. A periphery is frequently added by sticking or sewing to complete the rug. This support, called a scrim, is a simple method for telling in the event that a rug is hand-tufted. A hand-tied or flatweave floor covering, for instance, would be exposed and reversible. The underside of a hand-tufted carpet will be covered.

Greenhawk’s carpet flooring furnish solidness of normal fleece. As a matter of fact, with legitimate consideration, a strong hand-tufted carpet can last 15-20 years. The moderateness of this carpet flooring makes them simple to trade, since fleece stains are effectively cleaned by straightforward smudging.

Hand-Tufted Carpets Advantages:

  • Infinite color options

  • Plethora of patterns and shapes

  • Plenty of hand craft options

  • Complex and Innovative design detail

  • Assortment of surface choices and levels

  • Assortment of finishing

  • No creases in eventual outcome

  • Durable

  • No constraints to shape or estimate