Luxury Vinyl Tile

With Greenhawk's LVT flooring we expect to tackle the present central questions like restricting important free time, the re-utilization of floors and limiting natural effect. LVT is the ideal mix of everything a business flooring item ought to be - exquisitely planned, exceptionally solid, and simple to keep up with. With LVT flooring, you can legitimately reflect the vibe of normal materials, however with an item that is worked to endure business conditions. Luxury vinyl tile implies not forfeiting great plan for modern utility.

LVT is intended to recreate hard surface deck materials like stone or wood, yet give a lot of more common-sense advantages. Accessible in boards or tiles, LVT utilizes a practical visual print film and an unmistakable vinyl layer that opens up a wide assortment of plan ideas. Indeed, even the most prepared of eyes struggle with recognizing LVT from the items that it impersonates.

Greenhawk utilizes progressed creation innovation to guarantee most extreme layered strength so the presence of the floor stays however consistent as the day it seemed to be introduced. Safeguarded by our restrictive lacquering framework it will endure over the extreme long haul.

LVT is an extraordinary choice in that the vinyl can be made in practically any print, and the additional layers of security take the maltreatment throughout the long term. The vinyl print layer itself will oppose blurring, and it can't be harmed. LVT is likewise practical, coming in for a portion of the cost of wood and stone. Calculating in the expense of upkeep, normal materials should be routinely cleaned and revamped. Finishes in wood or stone can be an exorbitant fix, while LVT opposes finishing and dampness.

To make the sturdiness and true look of materials in LVT flooring, a profoundly specialized and thorough cycle is required. At Greenhawk, we make all of our Luxury vinyl tile using unique technique. A portion of the Belgotex LVT items that we offer intend to empower innovative plans that have an effect - they are outwardly striking, flexible, and simple to introduce. This degree of craftsmanship makes the most grounded, most clear and greatest LVT flooring accessible.

Simple Installation

LVT can be handily introduced in two ways, either with stick or with a free lay floor. Utilizing more current free lay frameworks makes it conceivable to utilize LVT with insignificant surface arrangement. With this arrangement, flooring establishment costs, also as establishment times, can be diminished.


LVT has a gentler surface than other deck materials, similar to wood or stone, which is more agreeable underneath and noise diminishing.


Conventional hardwood and stone deck choices are more expensive than LVT. On the off chance that you're searching for a solid option at a much lower cost, look no further.

Timeless & Classic

Day to day existence is no picnic for deck surfaces. Subsequently, picking a deck material that protective elements against disasters is vital. LVT is not difficult to clean, won't chip, and is impervious to dampness.

Innovative Designs

LVT flooring comes in various plans, with choices going from legitimate woodgrains to pops of brilliant variety.

Energy Conservation.

Our remarkable assembling strategy gives our LVT flooring an unequalled degree of toughness for all settings.

Resilient & Low Maintenance

For most sorts of vinyl flooring, a basic two-pail cleaning framework will do. LVT is likewise normally stained and scrape safe.