AP 105

Sq Meter


AP-105 Baffle Ceilings from Aptonwhich is also known as design ceiling features a spatial pattern with a linear open ceiling. They are simple to install and offer easy access to the ceiling plenum for maintenance.Baffle Ceilings can also be optimized in dimension and shape to suit specific project aesthetics requirements.

  • With our Baffle/Design Ceiling capabilities, you can create a monolithic look with extra-wide metal panels or a radial effect with trapezoids tailored to fit your space
  • Faceted, flat, or curved, these custom metal ceilings are available in unique sizes, shapes, finishes, and perforations to make your next project standout.
  • Ceiling tiles and panels can be used in variety of spaces and are available in both standard modules and custom dimensions to suit your project
  • Specification

  • System: AP 105 Design Ceiling system
  • Tile Materials: Galvanized steel sheet (aluminum or other materials on request)
  • Standard modules: as per project required design
  • Grid System: as per project required design
  • Coating: RAL 9010 pure white post – coated powder painted surface & other color available on request
  • Perimeter Solution: as per project required design
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