Arts & Crafts Collection

Sq Meter


Hardwax oil finish, colour palette, patterns of oak texture – every part of Arts & Crafts collection helps to discover the true force of nature, its beauty, elegance and identity, and to emphasize the personal uniqueness of your house or office.

Species: Oak
Selection: Character
Finish: Silk Oil ultra matte
Width: 190mm

Silk Oil ultra matte finish along with brushing places special emphasis on the oak’s texture and its natural beauty. Pores seem open; this effect emphasises the deep texture relief. The surface has a warm and soft texture to the feel as the natural wood.


The most peculiar feature of Arts & Crafts collection is the increase of the flooring board size. Thus, the board’s width is now 190mm, while the length can be fixed (2100mm) or non-fixed (600…2100mm). The unique robustness of flooring boards is provided by their 3-layer design with tongue-groove joint and 3-layer design with CosLoc lock joint.


IT is available in following color shades under with Wood & Stone variants



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