As discussed earlier about the Beginner's guide on Raised access flooring. Now we are here to provide you a brief knowledge about its benefits. If you have not read our earlier blog till now, then kindly read it by clicking on the link below.

Raised Flooring is a new modern type of flooring which helps in providing cavity/void (blank space) by building a new floor above the base floor.

It is generally used in corporate offices, multinational companies, hotels and resorts, might be in residences to fulfill different kinds of purposes including power supply over the area, air conditioning from the floor, lighting, CCTV wiring, smoke detection units etc.

If we talk about the benefits of Elevated/Raised flooring then we might get 100’s of results due to their versatile usage, but in this article, we will highlight 7 major benefits of Raised Access Flooring. Top 7 Benefits and Application of Raised/Elevated Access Flooring

1. Say goodbye to wires exposure

If we talk about any office or any industry the major thing with which they are fighting is the hustle bustle of the wires that are exposed in every part of the establishment which makes them look unappealing and reduces the value in the eyes of the client. If you are also facing this kind of problem, then this kind of flooring is just for you.

It provides you with plenty of space in between your base floor and raised floor that helps you in placing all kinds of wiring underneath and gives you accessibility to install power sockets on the floor which gives your establishment a luxury appeal.

2. Double up your space

Now after reading just one benefit if you are planning to install raised flooring in your office then wait, another benefit is just coming to increase the chances and if not then you might like this and plan

As of now you said goodbye to the wiring. Now you have some more vacant space in your establishment which was earlier occupied by the wiring that helps you in placing your stuff and creates a walkable, accessible and aesthetically appealing area.

3. Easy Access to Cavity space

If you are worrying about how you are going to manage the wires placed in the cavity and changing you mind then wait, you don’t have to worry because it provides you the easy access to the cavity.

You just have placed the wires in a systematic and organized way and labeled them properly so that whenever you want to gain access then you just have to lift the raised floor panel.

4. Better temperature control

Yes, you read it right with raised/elevated flooring you can keep your establishment cool by using cavity space for Air Conditioner and it is cost efficient

This helps in saving more money because if you place ac vents on the floor then you can cool your space from the floor which is more efficient and faster as air is coming from the bottom it cools faster.

5. Layout Flexibility

If you are thinking about breaking/spoilage of any panel and changing your mind from installing Raised flooring, then again wait.

Changing any panel from the floor is as simple as changing cover from your smartphone. If any of the panel brakes, then you don’t need to change all the panels you just have to call your interior company.

They easily replace the damaged part in just 10minutes simply by opening some screws without removing all the parts.

6. Countless numbers of designs

Yes, again you read it right with Raised flooring you have a lot of options starting from tile carpet

You may choose from different finishes like Marble, Wood, PVC, Stone, Granite, Porcelain etc and have a wide range of colors and designs for your carpet tiles which helps you in matching your space interior color and designs.

7. Versatile usage

As compared to normal flooring which is specified for particular use. These Raised or Elevated flooring are versatile in their nature due to their panels concept which can be easily removable and can be easily changed or upgraded depending upon usage.

One can use this type of flooring in their corporate office for wire and cable management while others can use it as a storage space block in their retail office. Similarly, one can also use it as a Source for Air conditioner in a Hotel while others can use this by placing lights in their luxury residence.

Uses of these flooring may vary from any prospect of usage you just have to make your mind clear for the use.

AT Last

Now I think that you are aware about the benefits and uses of these Raised Access flooring/Elevated Flooring, take some time to make up your mind if this is the right investment for your company or not. If yes, then you must visit our website for any kind of consultation.

If still you have not decided whether it is good for your space or not or facing any kind of issue related to flooring, then don’t worry we are just a call away. Our executive will get in touch with you and answer all your queries.