Calcium Sulphate Interlock System

The Calcium Sulphate Interlock System is formulated where stone or tile completes are to be applied. The console and foundation join to shape an extremely solid surface so that stone and tile surfaces can be directly applied. The panel foundation is got onto the existing slab by utilizing either platform glue, or being pinned or shot. The board is screw fixed onto the pedestal head at each corner to assist with giving unbending nature to the framework.

Greenhawk’s Calcium Sulphate Interlock System has been planned explicitly for Stone, Porcelain, Ceramic Finish applications. The Panels are produced using a highly durable calcium sulphate centre with an uncovered top, base steel sheet and Interlock edge profile. The interlocking edges join to frame a steady surface with least development settling on it the best decision for direct stone completion applications.

Utilizing interlocking floor tiles in redesign ventures to stay away from destruction expenses and make establishment speedier and easier has for quite some time been on the plans of Greenhawk.

Every one of the arrangements in the organization's reach utilize an interlocking framework to work with establishment and keep away from the requirement for cements or complex readiness work on the substrate.

The advantages of calcium sulphate interlock system:

  • 100% Recyclable

  • Sustainable and inexpensive

  • Non-burnable and impenetrability to fire

  • High Durability and extraordinary stacking limit.

  • Fire, water, and sound assurance, consistent and safe.

  • Various flooring planks of different materials and abilities can peruse considering the applications.

  • Splendid physical and mechanical properties.

  • Easy to acquaint and move with various spots.

  • Environment neighbourly and recyclable.

  • Astounding Normalized Noise Isolation

  • Vibration decrease gasket in Pedestal