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Creative mixing, through creations free of all formatting and all tradition

The DARE TO DREAM collection is a collaboration between designer Stephanie Bourgeious from Belgotex, Profloorz carpet company and the students at Singapore’s leading college of arts – Lasalle. Through this project thestudents reflected the uniqueness of Singapore’s multicultural city-state -which is an extraordinary laboratory of modernity. Through their creations of modern carpet designs , they were completely free from all formatting and all tradition, taking inspiration from the present and transcending it in creation: the night traffic on Singapore's expressways, the water of a swimming pool, broken glass, heart rhythms ... Universal themes, expressed in universal graphic languages.

19 student designers came out with their individual designs which has won over thearchitects, decorators and designers of Singaporean living spaces.The results are real gems... See for yourself !


You could choose from 19 colours. To view all click on the image below

Dare Your Dream


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