Be spoilt for decision by Greenhawk’s wide scope of floor covering items from measured tiles to broadloom, as well as mats to the hand-tufted rug from incredibly famous brands. Whether you have an office space or a neighbourliness project, our plan expert can suggest you the best item which accommodates your Raised Floor System impeccably and help you in rejuvenating the style that you imagined.

The different floor covering options that can be used on Raised Access Floors are:

1. Raised Access Floor with Vinyl Tiles

Greenhawk’s vinyl floors with their longevity, resilience, and gigantic benefits, are generally utilized as the ideal private and industrial flooring. Vinyl Flooring also known as PVC carries incredible advantages to one’s task as well as proposition an enormous determination of stylistic themes and complex plans, which is the reason customers appreciate vinyl flooring for quite a while.

Vinyl Flooring can be applied in business, modern, confidential space, as an agreeable and safe material merits all the unmistakable quality in your task. Greenhawk’s vinyl floor materials are accessible in assortment of varieties, plans, designs and styles.

2. Raised Access Floor with Carpet Tiles

Greenhawk provides carpet tiles, otherwise called measured covers or square covers, are squares sliced from one end to the other rolls which can be fitted together to make up a rug. Greenhawk’s flooring partner Belgotex and Balsan offers almost boundless potential outcomes without settling on style, quality or worth.

Carpet tiles can be utilized as a choice to one end to the other rug in practically any circumstance not needing remarkable customisation and proposition simple establishment and support, life span and similar characteristics as one end to the other for making a solid, agreeable indoor climate.

3. Raised Access Floor with LVT

We, at Greenhawk, also provide Luxury vinyl tile which is a sort of secluded vinyl flooring. Not at all like conventional vinyl flooring, in which single sheets are utilized, tiles are spread out separately. It's frequently intended to seem to be genuine wood or stone, yet has more functional advantages than regular materials.

LVT establishment creates less waste as single tiles can be supplanted, so the whole floor needn't bother with to be torn up and disposed of when harm happens.

4. Raised Access Floor with Wooden Flooring

Wood flooring is an exemplary look that has risen above hundreds of years of style. Greenhawk supplies regular, eco-accommodating, and amazingly strong.

The personality of wood separates it from other ground surface materials like floor covering, tile, and vinyl in light of the fact that no one but nature can make the examples and shades of wood. Quality wood floors can be a show-stopper. Greenhawk’s hardwood flooring arrives in a remarkable flexibility of looks and wraps up from the best quality and matured oaks. Green Hawk is one of Dubai's best flooring organizations on the off chance that you're searching for top ground surface administrations.

5. Raised Access Floor with Magnetic Wooden Flooring

Magnetic wooden flooring is the latest trending product in the market. With the same looks & styles that of a normal wood floors, magnetic engineered wood floors have an addition of magnetic strip at the base which firmly sticks to the steel top of the raised floor. This is by far the easiest product to install on top of a raised floor with absolutely no requirement of any tools or any pasting substance or glue.

This effortless installation & removal process gives it an extra advantage over normal wooden floors.