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Apton brings you sliding doors under 3 variants – Quartzglide 1, Quartzglide 2 and Quartzglide 3

Quartzglide 1:For architectural stainless and glassaesthetic, Quartzglide 1 is the obviouschoice. Minimal framework combinedwith ease of operation and an ability toblend with and enhance buildings bothold and new, make Quartzglide 1 alogical choice.

Quartzglide2: Quartzglide 2 is the Aptonsolution for those areas whereconcealed runners are the preferredrequirement, providing a visualimpact of unimpeded glass fromfloor to ceiling. The unclutteredfloating appearance of Quartzglide 2is the prime reason for its selection inthe modern office environment.

Quartzglide3: Where acoustic privacy in conjunction withframeless glass is required Quartzglide 3is the solution. Combined with the AptonQuartz double glazed system, Quartzglide3 provides the highest level of glasssliding door acoustic performance with anunmatched elegance


  • Maximum floor to ceiling height 3,000mm
  • Maximum door width single 1,000mm
  • Single and double door sets
  • 10mm toughened glass doors
  • Bottom lock available
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